College Intern Program Larson College Intern Program 

 Larson & Associates Intern MissionStatement:
To  provide a platform and system where peoplelooking to enter the sales & marketing profession can find and be trainedin a proven sales system that not only works but is duplicateable throughoutdifferent companies and industries. Compensation will be commission ONLY.

We are looking for
two to four interns to go through a 15 step course on sales andindividual marketing which will provide what a sales person needs to do and tobecome as professional as any other professional would. The course will befocused on selling the Larson & Associates family of services and companies however, atthe end of the period you will have gained competence in a sales systemmatching your unique individual talents to become a professional sales personin whatever industry or company you choose to work with. 

Responsibilitieswill grow to include:

1) Introduction and The all mighty30 second introduction.
2) Identifying your service,product, market and territory.
3) Promote your company withdifferent marketing channels.
4) Prospect and gatheringinformation about your potential accounts.
5) Attracting your prospectsattention and interest quickly.
6) Probing to learn important factsabout your prospects.
7) Uncover problems or situationsyour prospect might need to move forward.
8) Solve your prospect’s problemsto everyone’s satisfaction.
9) Demonstrating your solution tosolve a prospects pain or want of gain with facts, advantages and benefits youcan uniquely give.
10) Create a climate of desire foryour prospect to buy from you
11) Asking for the order
12) Handling objections
13) Closing the order and creatinga customer for life.
14) Know your numbers for long termsuccess.
15) Conclusion

1) You must have 5 to 10 hours aweek minimum to put into working through the program to achieve sales resultsduring a 13 week period.

2) You must have some flexibilityin your schedule to work with YOUR prospects and clients from your firstmeeting to closing of the sale. Prospects don’t work on your schedule buttheirs. To be successful in any kind of sales you need to keep the customer’sneeds at the forefront of your thought process.

3) You must have a love for peopleand working with them to find the best solution to their unique set of goalsand problems.

4) You will be doing actualcommission sales during the semester.

5) Must have a base understandingof Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and craigslist.

6) Must have own your own computerand have access to the internet

7) You will be required to write aweekly blog post with full name credit.

8) Phone telesales as well as somepossible face to face

9) This can be done remotely bytelecommuting

1) Send a one page resume
2) A one page maximum cover letterdescribing why you would like to become a sales professional.
3) Major / Minor
4) Work experience
5) Email your application to:
6) Please also provide your phonenumber with the best time to contact you

Howard Larson 
Larson & Associates